HMSC Pastors 
Reverend Florence Edwards
Head Pastor

Reverend Florence Edwards was the Assistant Pastor at Hope Memorial Spiritual Church, from the date of her ordination in 1972 until 1982. At which time, her mother, Reverend Gertrude Leivers became Pastor Emeritus, Reverend Edwards took over as Head Pastor and still holds the honour of that position today.

Reverend Edwards is a gifted medium, spiritual healer and deep trance medium. Her unique spiritual gifts have allowed her to train many students over the years. She has also guided and assisted countless individuals along their paths.
The church was originally founded by Reverend Edwards parents, Mr. Leslie Leivers & Reverend Gertrude Leivers. The church was formed and its' Charter was granted in March of 1949, at which time, Mr. Leslie Leivers and Mr. William Richardson, put up their houses as collateral to purchase the original building at 15 Chatham Street in Brantford, ON. The church has since relocated to 192 Darling Street in Brantford, ON.

Reverend Cheryl Tuck
Assistant Pastor

Reverend Cheryl Tuck, was born in Brantford Ontario, but moved to Woodstock, Ontario at a young age. While in Woodstock, she attended church where she became involved in the youth program and Sunday school. Eventually, she became the President of the youth group and a Sunday School teacher for many years.

Even though she was involved, within her heart she felt that something was missing. Her journey led her back to Brantford. She was invited to Hope Memorial Church, Sunday evening service by a friend. She was given so much proof that night that she decided to go back the following week. Once again, she was given proof that life did certainly continue after physical death.
She continued to attend Sunday services and was invited to join development class. It was there that her gifts of healing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and trance were developed. She was ordained at Hope Memorial Spiritual Church by Rev. Florence Edwards in May of 1995.

In her words; "As Assistant Pastor, it is my desire to help others to find the peace, and love that I have within; to be able to know and accept that we are loved unconditionally by our Father God and as we take time to listen to his words, our hearts will be filled with joy and our lives will experience many blessings. It is in the giving of ourselves with loving intent that we are blessed tenfold."
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